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I’ve been sort of half napping and cuddling something I found in my bed, I finally decide to actually look at what I have clutched to my chest and it’s a VHS of Space Jam.


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I’m trying to scrape together money to leave an abusive home so I’m selling my limited edition signed blackrock prints - numbered 23/100. These originally sold out in 30 minutes & will never be available again.

The posters are framed in identical custom made frames, but they can be bought separate from the frames (the price i’m asking is less than what they were bought for - i really need money yall)

certificate of authenticity will also be included with the set

unframed: $40 for one poster or $100 for all of them
framed: $60 for one poster or  $150 for all of them
+ shipping costs

send me an ask or email me at jaysbyers@gmail.com. i am also going to be selling more things if you wanna check that out

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enough about sex positions has anyone discovered a reading position which doesn’t get uncomfortable after 5 minutes

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